Cavyland 2001!

or, where our Cavies Roam.... and hopefully have a good time!

So typically, when my daughter "outgrew" her two piggies at age 9 (she's 28 now, so that's a lot of timothy hay under the bridge!!) we were left caring for them and really grew to love our li'l critters. Over the years we've had quite a succession of amazing personalities - usually one or two at a time. Two of our greatest friends that went over the Rainbow Bridge lived to OVER eight years! (especially Eric, who we miss still so much.) And what great animals and friends they were, too.

Now we have three in our Cavyland, and here they are!!

Lydia contemplating her lot, and checking a visitor to her domain! Lydia was born right here two years ago.

When we do floor time for our piggies every day, Lydia scurries all over the room, checking out everything!

She was the first one to learn how to climb a step to go from the carpeted hall into her room and now she routinely does it as part of her daily patrol! She is really very, very bright and of course insists on having everything her own way all the time.

And she actually comes when called! (of course a piece of red pepper or carrot helps the situation:)


Alice and Rosie, our two "golden sisters", very affectionate. And such different personalities! Linda found them in a local pet store for sale and couldn't bear the thought that they might be sold separately - she wanted them to stay together, and home they came! That was almost 3 years ago!

Rosie, age 3 months! Really curious, a complainer to beat the band!

Notices absolutely everything! Quite the Sqawker! Now she and her sister are 3 years old. Alice is very loving, outgoing, and willing to explore, while Rosie is suspicious of absolutely EVERYTHING! But she's also very affectionate and they're both loves.

All three piggies have their own (large!) cages. Lydia wants to be the Alpha Piggie, and won't let the others be, and Alice and Rosie were OK with each other up until about a year ago when they started biting and being a bit "piggish" !!! So now they have their own piggy palaces next to each other, and we get them together every morning for about a minute just to renew acquaintances!

Having had bad experiences in the past with a couple of piggies that were allergic to even plain pine shavings and the associated sawdust, and experimenting with newspapers, we finally decided to give them all fresh timothy hay bedding,

changing the papers and the bedding every day. One look at what's in there and you wouldn't want to let it go more than a day. It's a lot of work. We recently decided to try one of the dust-free recyclable products, and we settled on what seems the softest and best of the bunch - "Pet's Preference" - and it works absolutely great. Change once a week, but police the wet spots and waste every day, replace with some new bedding, AND add plenty of timothy hay for bedding and grazing. The piggies really like to graze all the time. And we do change the tim hay every day, and give our girls floor time while we do it. And the daily handling makes it easy to deal with our great little guys.

They will literally jump up to meet your hand when it's time for the cage change, or for going back in afterwards!

And all three are ever so conversational. The wheeks, burbling, all the different sounds, are so great and so informative!

The routine is that when we put them back home, with the fresh bedding and the fresh water bottles, they all stand up and go absolutely NUTS, wheeking like crazy, 'cuz they know that's VEGGIE TIME!!!! At that point they each get a handful of parsley, red pepper, baby spinach leaves, leafy green lettuce, carrot...... and if we don't comply IMMEDIATELY there's big trouble in CavyLand!

After all, aren't they the Bosses, and We their Slaves?




John Ogbourne, who runs the great site "The Winking Cavy" has set up a page so that we can all help out! Please have a look and see what you can do! And don't forget, the site is a really neat and fun place when you want to order something cavy-ish for your little friends or their slaves!

John's "Winking Cavy" site is at

A really great place! Thanks John.....

Our continuing thanks to the wonderful Guinea Pig sites and Lists out there in WebLand. Such great resources!

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Love to all fellow Piggies!!!!!!!!

Yves & Linda